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Sales Outsourcing update in the age of Coronavirus

A few updates concerning sales outsourcing in the current Coronavirus pandemic.

As many businesses are temporarily closing, cutting hours, downsizing, the unemployment numbers are surging. A record 3.3 million people applied for unemployment last week alone. A lot of this is temporary, but much of it isn’t.

If there is an upside, searching for sales people becomes easier in a weak job market. Conversely when unemployment is near zero, reps only leave their job for a “better” job. But when layoffs occur or when layoffs appear eminent job seekers are more serious, and numerous.

Remote work has suddenly become the norm whenever possible. All schools are distance learning. Every job that isn’t transportation or retail is remote. Business travel is completely arrested. Teleconferencing and video conferencing services are being overwhelmed.

I believe much of this will be a permanent change. By the time things return to normal a lot of Americans will have gotten used to the freedom and flexibility of telecommuting. Organizations will not fear losing control of their workforce and will embrace the cost savings of a more “virtual” work environment. Presently, those who prefer to work remotely are the minority, but as so many workers acclimate to remote work life, the traditional office building life will be a thing of the past for most.

As for the immediate term, a lot of you are on hiatus as are we here with schools being closed. We are currently not accepting any new projects until some time next month. Be prepared for a lot of sales activity soon as businesses begin reopening and people are anxious to get back to a more normal work schedule. In the meantime now is a good opportunity to get ready administratively.

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