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We Build Your Customized Remote Sales Department

Advantages of Quality Outsourcing

Proven and Effective Sales Process

A methodically engineered sales process will be deliberate with each component serving a purpose. It will not be overly complicated, long or contain too many variables. It will be customized for your audience. It will sound completely different from a telemarketng script. It will be easily teachable, learnable and scalable.

An expertly designed sales process will increase your conversion ratios and customer satisfaction.

Low Overhead

Virtual teams do not require office space, desks, phones, computers, printers, chairs, receptionists, cleaning services, birthday parties, etc., etc.

There is a very large pool of qualified and experienced sales people who prefer to work remotely because of the flexibility and escape from a daily commute.

However managing virtual teams requires a unique process and management style. This is our specialty. We create a lower cost, higher performing and more scalable sales team for you.

More Time to Manage Your Business

We will recruit, train and manage a team of independent sales professionals and scale the sales department to the extent desired.

Recruiting is time intensive and expensive. Job boards are either pricey or ineffective. And head hunters only work if the salary is high enough.

We focus on developing sales departments from scratch, hand-picking the right players at the appropriate times.


Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on running the rest of your operation.

sales process
low overhead
more time

Experience Customized Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing = Shorter Time to Market

The number one question we get is, “how long until we can start making sales?” If you’re reading this you’re probably the owner of a startup, and you want to know how soon you can go to market successfully. Here’s why outsourcing sales will shorten time to market.


In order to make a sale happen you need a qualified buyer, a serviceable product, and a closer.


Let’s start with the product, do you have a product that someone needs and would be willing to pay for? How do you know? Has it been test-sold to a warm market? Or piloted by test-customers?


Example: We worked with a Point-of-Sale software startup who prior to working with us test-sold numerous accounts on their own. The owner of the company cold called, gave away free trials, anything necessary to understand whether the product met the market’s needs.


The next thing is hiring closers to go find those qualified buyers. For this you want expertise in building sales departments. You must: Attract the right applicants, filter out the time wasters, zero in on those most likely to succeed, set clear expectations, understand the motivations of your reps, train them thoroughly then test their knowledge, measure their call volumes and close ratio, and manage their progress to everyone’s satisfaction.


When working with a new company we want to know what progress has been made insofar as product readiness. From here we can form a strategy with you to make it ready while attacking the market, thus answering the question “how long until sales happen”?


Time to market is shorted when you know exactly what works and how to make it happen.

Sales Outsourcing = Quicker Break Even

Most startups are self funded by the owner, therefore breaking even is always on the mind. It’s cheaper than ever to start up a new business, websites are next to nothing to purchase and create, there’s no need for an office unless you’re retail and drop shipping eliminates the needs for warehousing in the beginning, and most things can be automated if not outsourced. It takes so little time and money that an entrepreneur will quite often start a business while keeping their day job.


Lower barrier to entry of course means more new businesses, more competitors, more starts, and more fails. This giant experiment is fantastic for the market. But what about for you, the business owner. If you’re going to fail, it’s best to fail quickly and with minimal capital exposure.


As mentioned above for a sale to happen you need a qualified buyer, a serviceable product, and a closer. Your ability to quickly find qualified buyers will help you quickly discover if your product is needed in the market so long as your qualified buyers are interacting with a true sales person.


Outsourcing your sales in the right way means a quicker break-even.

Sales Outsourcing = Better Implementation

Effective sales outsourcing saves time in two ways, it saves hours and days recruiting, training and managing on your own, and it saves weeks and months by implementing the right way the first time.


For a startup looking to go to market, it is important to have a viable sales process, an effective recruiting process, a robust training program and a scalable management process. You’ll need also to determine your beachhead market strategy. This is your initial customer base, focus on one niche and get good and serve that niche.


As discussed above, if your product needs additional tuning, learning about it sooner rather than later could mean the difference between failing and succeeding, or in some cases failing fast and failing slow.

shorter time to market
quicker break even
better implimenttion



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