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The Complete


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Sales Teams!

We have been building sales departments since 2004.


Through hundreds of case studies we have refined and developed our internal process for recruiting, training and managing sales people. In many cases it is 100% virtual (remote), and fully commissioned. 


For the first time ever we are making available to the public our proprietary process for building remote sales departments.

Delivered in an easy-to-use manual you will implement our program step by step as you begin recruiting, then training, then managing your remote sales team.


Why Did We Create It?

The manual was created after hearing about far too many costly errors from founders who could have avoided a lot of blood-letting had they known enough. We heard similar stories over again, like recruiting friends (former friends), paying sales people a base with no oversight, trusting without verifying, interviewing time-wasters, poor market selection and segmentation, using the wrong sales process, spending too much on job ads, hiring a sales person who destroys the reputation before it can be built, and so on.

Why go through that pain when it can be easily and inexpsnsibly avoided.


Who is The Manual For?

Some business owners prefer to do it themselves, or would prefer not to pay for outsourcing. But at the same time would definitely prefer NOT to waste thousands $$$ and who knows how many hours learning the hard way. 

It is for those business owners we created this manual.

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