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Reasons You Need Quality Remote Sales Outsourcing

Outsourcing sales will shorten time to market. For sales to happen you need qualified buyers, a serviceable product and a closer. We help you with all three.

Our sales process is engineered to produce higher and higher conversion ratios as CRM data is fed back into the system. It is also customized for your particular application for instant traction.

Break even will determine your survival. Without knowledgeable guidance the inevitable hiccups and restarts will eat up your runway before you have a chance to make it.

Remote teams will be the standard in the very near future. They require no office space, desks, phones, computers, printers, chairs, receptionists, cleaning services, birthday parties, etc.

Effective sales outsourcing saves time in two ways, it saves hours per week recruiting, training and managing, and it saves months by doing things the right way the first time.

Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on running the rest of your company. 

Recruiting is time intensive and expensive. Job boards are either pricey or ineffective. And headhunters only work if the salary is high enough. 


Some of the industries we serve


About Revoyr & Associates

Since 2004 we have been building remote sales departments.

Our first mission is to help our clients achieve growth and success. Our second mission is to enhance the image of sales people by elevating the standard of professionalism.

We think of selling as being productive and helpful as opposed to manipulative and coercive. The objective is to facilitate a transaction if it is in the best interests of the buyer as well as the seller. You've probably had at least one good and one bad experience with a sales person. Think back to the bad one, it probably occurred at an inconvenient time, you felt rushed, you had incomplete information, you felt slightly manipulated and the atmosphere was adversarial. Now remember the good one, you probably learned something new, were enlightened and engaged, you felt as though you were speaking with an advocate and in the end confident that everyone wins.

Unfortunately the majority of sales people act in a short sighted self-serving way and are generally regarded as anything but professional. Why is this the case?

There are most likely two connected reasons. Number one: Sales training. There happens to be very little understanding about the difference between a good sales person and a bad sales person, or why one person sells a lot and another doesn't. Since the person in charge is unsure how to find the good ones, or how to train the bad ones, their only choice is to cast a wide net and hope for the best. This explains the numerous sales positions, the high turnover rate and the low barriers to entry. Which brings us to reason number two: Low standards. Almost anyone can walk in and get a sales job in most cases with a few exceptions. Low barrier to entry means you have a lot of individuals with no genuine interest in sales. Perhaps they want to see what it's like, or they heard it pays well, or maybe they just needed a job. That individual is not going to take it upon himself to learn the correct method, practice, and become an expert. So you end up with confused managers trying their best to teach unmotivated misfits how to sell. The misfits become discouraged, rejected, and eventually move on to a more appropriate career.

Regrettably by now the disservice has already been done to themselves, their company, the customer, and every other sales person.

Our two-fold mission serves your immediate needs and your long-term reputation.


Are you a Sales Pro?

We work with exciting startups who have unique and interesting projects they need introduced to the market. They require sales professionals with the ability to boil down the critical benefits and convey a simple message to qualified buyers. 

Startups are often willing to pay generous commissions for this service. If you can successfully capture a new market early, building a residual income base as the company grows, it's like having your own money printing press.

Are you interested in this kind of opportunity? If so, you'll need to posses the follow three characteristics:

1) Prior success that demonstrates you have the aptitude for the type of sales needed.

2) A genuine interest in the industry.

3) The preference for, and the ability to work remotely (aka, telecommute, work from home, virtual work).

Our clients are extremely selective. We receive on average 100 applicants for every sales position filled, and of those many of them don't last. Sales in a startup environment requires both a unique set of skills and a stomach for risk. 

It's worth mentioning that it is our mission to promote telecommuting, virtual teams as a viable, and preferable alternative to traditional office life. Post COVID-19, all work that can be done remotely, will be, and most of this change will be permanent. 


Virtual work-life, if done with discipline, will focus on your most critical objectives. Most of your work output, about 80%, is a result of only about 20% of your work input. In sales that means 80% of your income comes from 20% of your sales activity. Knowing this, do you think it would be nice to have greater control of your schedule?

We are innovating to make virtual work easier, more productive, and minimize its shortcomings so as to maximize its benefits.

If all of this describes you and if you're interested in hearing about our opportunities, we invite you to take the next step and take our Startup Sales Personality Test.


Virtual Sales Departments

Why Remote Sales Departments Are Better

Well before the CoronaVirus forced us to work from a distance when possible, the remote work trend was well underway. The necessary tools were already in place (Zoom, Slack, SalesForce) but it was non-traditional. However in our world, remote work has been more common than not for a few reasons.

Reps are mostly mid-career and later, Gen-X and older. They are typically home owners and often part of a two-income household. They have plenty of sales experience but would prefer to telecommute for convenience and lifestyle, or face very long commutes otherwise.

For a sales person who really needs or wants to telecommute full time, job options are much more limited. Which means they will consider pay plans otherwise deemed too risky or unacceptable. Because they require less coaching, mentoring and management, they are financially and otherwise more stable, they are more responsible, more independent, and do not necessarily need the social components of office life.

The pool of remote sales candidates is growing quickly, even faster than telecommuting as a whole. Telecommuting will eventually dominate because its advantages far outweigh its shortcomings and of course technology/recent events is pushing that even further.

As an organization we believe virtual sales teams are the optimal format, especially for business to business inside and outside sales. It is our mission to make virtual sales structures the standard, rather than the alternative.




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