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The "Attribution" Objection

Objection Handling: Advertising and Marketing related sales products/tools.

How to handle the objection of "attribution" in a sales conversation. When your prospect wants you to show or document how your service can be attributed to their customer purchasing something from them.

Example; you are providing digital marketing or related services and your customer/prospects wants to attribute their customer's buying decision to your service.

In many cases of course there is usually ways to track sources and subsequent actions. However in the case that your prospect has multiple touch points with their customers or when definitive tracking is not possible the issue of attribution may come up.

If your prospect is asking the impossible, turn it around and ask "wouldn't you agree that people don't make decisions based on a single variable alone?" or ask them to define what % of attribution they need to justify the program. They will unlikely have an answer if thy even understand your question. Or said another way "what degree of influence do you need to prove in order to justify the program? and How is that measured?"

Hopefully this drives home the impracticality of one to one causation. Next move the conversation to your products strengths, whatever they may be.

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