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More About Interview Questions

Last week we shared some short hand interview questions which we utilize to keep our interviews efficient and on track.

Alternatively, if you prefer more casual interviews, consider the following interview process. Have your applicant recount their work experience chronologically. Ask them to explain why they sought out the job, why they accepted the job, what they accomplished on the job, what they learned from the job and finally why they left the job. Do this for each company on their resume.

This gives you the opportunity to actively listen for key result areas and patterns in their work history. Throughout this process you'll naturally have follow-up questions for your applicant. We recommend as before prior documentation of the required skills and key performance areas for the position so that you know what to listen for.

This interview style can be easier for some, since it allows for a more fluid conversation, and may uncover some important details that a list of prepared questions wouldn't.

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