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Interview Questions

If you are in the process of hiring and interviewing for a new sales position we encourage you to have a list of questions prepared before each interview.

Think about the kinds of questions that will elicit the information you really want to know. Keep in mind that applicants will generally know how to answer the "right" way... in other words they provide you with the answer you want to hear. Consider alternative ways to phrase your questions that will not produce a canned response. And if you are getting canned responses consider repeating the question with different wording, or, say "tell me more". You're trying to break them out of interview mode to find the truth.

To give you some ideas here's a list of some short-hand questions we like to use. Yours should be edited and tailored to your particular needs.

Currently working?

Reason left last job?

Reason looking for new job if currently employed?

Telecommuting experience?

Telecommuting preferred?

Other jobs applying for as well?

Commission only experience?

Why interested in commission only job?

Relevant sales experience? How Relevant?

Most $ made in a year? What year? Sell what? On what comp plan?

Any sales awards won?

Mostly inside or outside sales? Preference?

Travel preference?

Technical proficiency? Excel experience?

How to you prefer to manage your time?

Ever been terminated? Explain.

Once trained what kinds of prospects would you call first?

How much communication do you prefer to have with company?

Burn rate?

How much runway do you have to ramp up financially?

Management experience/ambition?

What kinds of things did you first learn when you begin your sales career?

Have you created your own script before? Do you use scripts when prospecting?

How do you like to open a first call?

What would you be hoping to get out of working here?

For more information on how to maximize interview results check out our comprehensive Manual to building remote sales departments.

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