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How To: Write A Compelling Job Ad

Taken from our comprehensive Manual for building remote sales departments, below is the structure that we use to create job descriptions and job ads. Structure is important because job seekers are scanning your job description at first, not reading it. if your reader is able to find the information they are looking for quickly, they may dig deeper and read on, and if not, they will most likely skip past your ad.

The general structure of the job ad should look like this:

Headline - Descriptive and with key words like “Sales Representative”. Example: “Sales Representative – SEO Sales to Small Businesses”

Paragraph 1 - Provide brief description of your company, include elements of credibility and notoriety such as years in business, number of customers, size of customers, press, etc.

Paragraph 2 - Highlight the product/service your company sells, its key benefits and its success in the market.

Paragraph 3 - Describe the typical week in the life of a sales rep with your company. Include all the critical duties and responsibilities.

Paragraph 4 – Describe what a successful sales person with your company is and does.

Bullet List: Required Skills/Experience.

Bullet List: Position/Company Highlights.

Paragraph 5 – Describe in as much detail as you can the expected income range for years one, two, and beyond.

Paragraph 6 – Describe what applicant needs to do in order to apply for the job.

The purpose of a job ad is to generate a group of applicants who have self-selected for interest in the job and ability to do the job. So, if by interview time you find yourself speaking with anyone else you know something is not right with the process up to that point.

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