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Genetically Modified Sales Reps

What if you could genetically engineer your prefect sales rep? what would that look like?

You may have noticed that some sales reps can maintain extremely high volumes, we call them "grinders". Whereas other sales reps have that magical ability to win the unwinnable sale, we call them "closers". But seldom do these disparate talents occupy the same vessel. Thereby you could call them "unicorns".

Sales output basically boils down to two components, call volume (the number of sales presentations over a certain period of time) and close ratio (the average number of sales presentations needed to close a sale).

Grinder = High call volume, low close rate

Closer = Low call volume, high close rate

Unicorn Rep - High call volume, high close rate

What makes these beasts even more scarce is that because they poses that closing ability they are often placed into closing-only roles where their grinding goes underutilized and eventually forgotten, or they start their own business, or even worse, they are promoted to management.

So while we at Revoyr & Associates are working hard to gene splice these perfect sales reps, it may take a while.

In the mean time we suggest you do what most other organizations do and identify the grinders and the closers and arrange them in complimentary ways. For example allow the grinders to be compensated for passing leads onto a closer (who hates prospecting... but I repeat myself).

The exact way this will be organized naturally depends on the sales process, sales methods, sales cycle and available talent.

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