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Adding Video to Your Recruiting Process

You drop hundreds $$ on job ads and watch the applications roll in. Then you begin to notice that most, if not all of your applicants haven't read the job description, not even a little bit.

Applicants look at so many job ads, and job boards make it so easy to apply, that your applicant will tend to read only the headline of the job.

So from the applicant's point of view they probably applied for dozens of jobs and are beginning to receive responses back from employers. Strong sales applicants of course will receive more responses, and those applicants will just not take the time to go back and read dozen's of job descriptions.

As we detail in our Manual, you do not want to waste the first interview covering information that the applicant should have read in the job description. So one solution we like to use is to create a short position overview video.


Your video should basically cover what you covered in your job description but in a little more detail. You have your audiences' attention a little longer so take advantage.


Your video can be a simple voice over Power Point presentation or a camera facing video, or both. Power Point formats are nice because the candidate can read the text while hearing your words. Camera facing is personal but needs excellent lighting to achieve a high enough quality.


Video length should be around 5 minutes, no more than 10. About double the time it would take to read the original job description carefully and completely.

Audio Quality:

Whichever format you use make sure your audio is clear and the volume high enough. Poor audio is the number 1 killer of video views. It's just hard to sit through a video when you have to struggle to hear it. We recommend an external microphone positioned close to the speaker. Talk directly into the mic and do your best to eliminate echo. Just covering those basic steps will ensure your video is listenable.

Finally, if possible. track how many applicants listen to the video all the way though, and note if watching your video makes the first interview more productive.

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